Information for visitors

Stampwell ordnance survey map

Visiting Stampwell Farm

Stampwell has two public rights of way running through the land, and so we welcome visitors who stick to the marked paths. There is more information below.

On a Sunday (10.30am) and Wednesday (9.30am) all are welcome to join our community at the farm for our act of worship. For these and details of other public events throughout the week, visit the Latimer Minster website.




Public Access and Rights of Way
Stampwell is mostly derelict and we plan to rebuild it using traditional methods, community volunteers, and professional partners. We acknowledge these private fields have long been enjoyed by the public, but during this period we would ask you to please stick to the marked paths, for four reasons:

1. Primarily, for the safety of you and your animals. The buildings are unsafe and the land is pitted with a number of real hazards. You are at risk when straying from the paths.

2. To allow us space to restore the buildings and land. We will be using heavy machinery and traditional pest-clearing tools. As with all building sites the land is, therefore, strictly out of bounds.

3. To protect what’s here. The plum orchard is of historical interest, and requires professional farming to revive it from its current point of demise. Also, we have already begun the archeological and historical search for Artifacts of Interest, with some early success. Increased foot traffic reduces the chance of finding these artifacts and saving the orchard.

4. As a charity we have a number of successful projects working with local schools and community groups. These groups include vulnerable children and adults, and our Child Protection Policy requires us to provide a safe and secure area within which to allow vulnerable groups to work and play.

For the reasons above we hope you will support us we strictly enforce the public rights of way.

There are two paths running through the acres managed by Latimer Minster. These are shown on the map above, in red. One is an ancient bridleway, which runs parallel to the A40 and passes through two woods, and the other is a footpath which comes up the main drive and heads towards Seer Green and Jordans over the railway.

We have marked the public paths with red posts. Please could all walkers and their animals keep to these rights of way.

All deliveries and visitors must report to the Estate Office.