About the Farm

Stampwell Farm, Beaconsfield, is one of England’s ancient farms. From the Saxon era the Stamp family built their farm, barns and threshing floor around the fresh water of the well. It served the markets of London for hundreds of years, becoming a major producer of plums and cherries into the twentieth century. Recent years have not been so kind: neglect, vandalism and debts have led to Stampwell Farm becoming derelict, the C17th and C18th buildings dilapidated, and the orchards returned to a wild beauty after fires ravaged them and the plums self-seeded.

Stampwell Farm is home to Latimer Minster – a church licensed by the Church of England, and are a community who want to return this beautiful place to its fullest potential: a vibrant farm with market gardens, orchards, sports fields, wild land and tithe barns which will one day serve the public once again.

Our Values